[CentOS] Re: WOW

Tue Apr 11 16:27:49 UTC 2006
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

Chris Peikert spake the following on 4/11/2006 9:21 AM:
> What is RTFM and FWIW? I saw those 2 unknown terms in replies to what I
> posted. As for local Linux users I am in a small town and the closest place
> that would have something like that would be Houston which is a good hour
> and half away. Same goes for bookstores. The typical person living in my
RTFM = Read The Fine (or other expletive starting with F - depends on the mood
 of the writer) Manual http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RTFM

FWIW = For What It's Worth http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/FWIW

Wikipedia and Wiktionary are good for this kind of thing.


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