[CentOS] Re: WOW

Tue Apr 11 16:31:44 UTC 2006
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

Jaymz Ringler spake the following on 4/11/2006 9:28 AM:
> RTFM = Read The Fricking Manual 
> FWIW = For What It's Worth
> Larry the Cable guy is from my area.  (about 40 miles south of me in the
> East corner of Nebraska) 
Git Er Done!!!

>  On Tue, 2006-04-11 at 11:21 -0500, Chris Peikert wrote:
>> What is RTFM and FWIW? I saw those 2 unknown terms in replies to what I
>> posted. As for local Linux users I am in a small town and the closest place
>> that would have something like that would be Houston which is a good hour
>> and half away. Same goes for bookstores. The typical person living in my
>> area looks like Larry the Cable Guy.  
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>> On Tue, 2006-04-11 at 08:10 -0500, Chris Peikert wrote:
>>> I couldn't help but take notice at some of the responses that were
>>> coming in from when I was posting questions due to my ignorance of
>>> Linux. Some people were quick to help, some advanced users I am sure
>>> ignored me because im not worth their time, and then some other users
>>> tried to help but was unable to dumb their speech down to newb levels.
>>> However I am thankful that there is people here to help out. I am
>>> hoping someone with CentOS will take notice at my difficulty in
>>> finding the bloody manuals and will put a link for future newbs that
>>> says "Download Manuals Here".  I also hope in the future if I have
>>> questions I will be able to get the answers I seek and those who
>>> helped me before will be able to help me again. 
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>> CentOS is probably less accustomed to having Linux newbies than say Fedora,
>> Mandriva, Ubuntu, SuSE, etc. Those are more geared for the end user whereas
>> CentOS is based on the Enterprise version of Red Hat stuff which is less
>> 'cutting edge' when it comes to the end users desktop. "Most" CentOS users
>> are using it with servers than on desktops.
>> The 'old guard' of UNIX/Linux is quite used to saying RTFM and most here
>> are 'old guard' - it's not personal.
>> As to making CentOS more newbie friendly...there are some who will and
>> some who won't bother but it's not personal.
>> Craig
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