[CentOS] Re: Centos merchandise

Tue Apr 11 23:59:38 UTC 2006
Lance Davis <lance at uklinux.net>

On Tue, 11 Apr 2006, Daniel de Kok wrote:

> On Tue, 2006-04-11 at 08:26 -0700, Scott Silva wrote:
> > Maybe the CentOS team could set up a shop on Cafe Press and use some of the
> > proceeds toward hardware or bandwidth. You could even sell CD's and DVD's, and
> > books. Plus all the other stuff from coffee cups to mousepads.
> Back in the days when I used NetBSD as my primary operating system, I
> had very good experiences with Scotgold. They sell very nice domed case
> badges and keyfobs, and make custom stuff in low quantities. Their
> prices are also quite low. The BSD page showcases some of their nice
> work:
> http://www.scotgold.com/acatalog/ScotGold_Catalogue_BSD_Daemon_Stuff_3.html
> I'd love to have a sheet of domed badges with the CentOS logo, and a
> silver backdrop :).

Try www.cheeplinux.com for CentOS badges - or email sales at cheeplinux.com 
for larger quantities.

Also see :- http://centos.spreadshirt.com 

we should have a shop on the .net (eu) site - but I cant find it :(


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