[CentOS] Update of CentOS 4.0 to 4.3

Wed Apr 12 11:33:16 UTC 2006
Mike Stankovic <mlists2006 at yahoo.com>

--- Barry Brimer <barry.brimer at bigfoot.com> wrote:

> I need to update a CentOS 4.0 system to CentOS 4.3. 
> In my opinion, I
> should start out with a "yum update yum
> centos-yumconf" and then follow
> that with a "yum update".  Does anyone have any
> other input as to what
> other packages might be needed to be updated with
> yum and centos-yumconf
> before the mass upgrade?
> Thanks,
> Barry 
I recently upgraded several machines from 4.2 to 4.3
and its best to start with yum centos-yumconf
centos-release then go on to rpm\* glibc etc etc I had
a custom shell script that downloaded the ones i
needed for the first run.

Make sure you install the new kernel not upgrade it
incase you have problems with the new kernel. You also
need to deal with all the rpmsave/rpmnew files.

However if i were you, i wouuld back up my data and
reinstall 4.3 afresh from cds. There were changes ie
sqlite and so yum would complain.

Hope that helps.

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