[CentOS] Update of CentOS 4.0 to 4.3

Wed Apr 12 14:39:24 UTC 2006
Barry Brimer <barry.brimer at bigfoot.com>

> The original poster has not told us why he is still on
> 4.0

This system is still on 4.0 because I installed this system for someone a year
ago.  Any time that there is an update that I think is important for him to
install, I send him an email telling him to install a newer version to correct
the current issue.  It seems that this person has not applied any updates
whatsoever since I last touched the system, and I have informed him that it is
quite dangerous to have his server live on the internet without updates for a
year.  As far as the server it is providing web/email/ftp services, and this is
his only server.  I am not close by to this server, but he is, and he can be
hands and eyes (with rescue media) if needed.  Thanks to everyone for their
input, it is greatly appreciated.