[CentOS] Clamav

Wed Apr 12 23:55:11 UTC 2006
Max H. <btmanmeh at verizon.net>

Sam Drinkard wrote:
> Thanks for the info Max.  I'd have never thought it would be separate 
> pkgs for the thing.

That threw me off too the first time I installed too. Also to note, it 
already creates the cron entries necessary to run the updates daily 
(freshclam), so all you have to do is start the service, and the rest is 
pretty much automated. You can of course stop that and make it into a 
daemon as well, but why bother if they already have it scripted to 
create the necessary log files, etc...

There are other steps to take if you want to have it scanning your mail, 
but the docs on their site walk you through that.