[CentOS] Apache sources?

Fri Apr 14 17:13:20 UTC 2006
Mark Richards <mark.richards at massmicro.com>

To install some perl modules (ugh) I need to install a dependency module:
In order that perl's Apache installs, it needs the apache sources.
The apache sources are not listed in the yum repository for the centos
version installed (2.0.52-22.ent.centos4)

I managed to find httpd-2.0.52-22.ent.centos4.src.rpm 
But an rpm -iv yielded a buch of messages
	warning: user updatecentos does not exist - using root
	warning: group updatecentos does not exist - using root

It appears that more is done than just put files somewhere.  In fact, the
src.rpm consists mostly of patches.

Question: is there a way to get the sources?