[CentOS] force 10 megabit full duplex

Sun Apr 16 15:36:06 UTC 2006
William Warren <hescominsoon at emmanuelcomputerconsulting.com>

William L. Maltby wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-04-15 at 19:41 -0500, Ryan Lum wrote:
>> Is the ethernet port in question connect to a switch?  Might try forcing the
>> port on the switch to 10 Mbit full duplex.  If it is on default the switch
>> will negotiate the speed.
> Not if it's an old 3Com 3C509. They don't negotiate. I have a few of
> those I use with an unmanaged switch. I was planning on someday seeing
> if just forcing them to full duplex would work (hoping the switch was
> smart enough to recognize the need: decent SMC with auto wire adjust ,
> etc., so I'm hopeful). I "programmed" the eproms, but the Linux drivers,
> in their infinate wisdom, force them back to half duplex. *sigh*.

this is a dell PE850 with intel gigabit nics.

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