[CentOS] Automounting Problems (CentOS 4.2 v/s CentOS 4.0)

Tue Apr 18 12:51:43 UTC 2006
Joseph Haig <joseph.haig at supanet.net.uk>

Raj Singh wrote:

>Auto-mounting of USB flash-drives and CD-RW (as well as CD-R) was
>working fine with CentOS 4.0 release for all users.
>This feature of auto-recognition and mounting is not working with
>CentOS 4.2 release for any user.
>I have checked the usual possible points of problems -- fstab,
>fstab-sync, haldaemon, etc. -- but have found no problems.
>Any suggestions on other possible work-arounds ?
I started using CentOS 4.2 so I don't know if the problem I had is the 
same as yours but I had difficulties with USB drives until I put 
'acpi=off' as a boot option.  It means that the dual core Pentium 4 is 
only running single core, but USBs now work properly.  I cannot remember 
the details, but I think I saw something saying that support is better 
in later kernels so I have hope that I may not need to turn acpi off 
when CentOS 5 comes out.

Hope this helps,