[CentOS] Own CentOS distribution

Thu Apr 20 05:35:18 UTC 2006
Imtiyaz Ansari <imtiyaz.ansari at rediffmail.com>


First, we need to mount stage2.img and alter its contents. copy this file from the cdrom to somewhare in your computer say

      # cp /media/cdrom/CentOS/base/stage2.img /home/mydist

 First, we mount the image using

    mkdir /mnt/anaconda
    mount -o loop /home/mydist/stage2.img /mnt/anaconda 

Now we need to copy the contents to a directory where we can alter the files. We used tar to package the contents of the directory, and then untarred them where we could work on them.

    cd /mnt/anaconda
    tar -cvf /home/imtiyaz/stage2.tar .
    cd /home/imtiyaz
    mkdir stage2
    cd stage2
    tar -xvf /home/imtiyaz/stage2.tar 

With the contents of stage2.img in an editable directory, you can now alter the images used by the installer located in usr/share/anaconda/pixmaps and the images used in the installation slideshow in usr/share/anaconda/pixmaps/rnotes. You can also edit the text in the left sidebar, which are in HTML format, in usr/share/anaconda/help/[locale].

After you've made the desired modifications, we need to compress this information back into an img file.

    cd /home/imtiyaz
    mkcramfs stage2/ stage2.img.new 

Then, copy the altered stage2.img to the CentOS/base directory in your distribution.

cp /home/imtiyaz/stage2.img.new  /<path-to-your-base-dir>/stage2.img


On Thu, 20 Apr 2006 PV Juliet wrote :
>Hi All,
>       I have my own distribution CD for RH 7.2 . and when i am i
>trying creted for CentOS  i am facing some problem . I am not able to
>change the anaconda installer .
>Thanks in advance
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