[CentOS] CentOS 4.3 apt repo

Fri Apr 21 18:12:11 UTC 2006
Mike Stankovic <mlists2006 at yahoo.com>

--- Ralph Alvy <ralvy at warpmail.net> wrote:

> I asked this before when I configured another CentOS
> box, but I forget the
> answer. In my apt sources folder, I don't have a
> repo that is the
> equivalent of the yum Centos.Base.repo. Where do I
> find such a file?

The responses given last time are still valid. Be
aware though that yum has now some very nifty features
such as yumex/plugins. On my testbed machine i have
about 280 packages protected from 3rd party repos that
want to overwrite the packages in base. 

If i was using apt4rpm it would swallow all those
packages, so you might wanna check out those plugins.

FWIW apt4rpm has long been without development upsteam
since the company that developed it was bought by
Mandriva and dooes not intend to develop it. 

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