[CentOS] Xen on CentOS 4.3

Sat Apr 22 20:26:49 UTC 2006
Rick Philbrick <rickphilbrick at gmail.com>


I have xen-3 running on a dual pIII and centos-4.2, since early march.
 Its been realy stable.  I'd suggest visiting Karanbir Singh's centos
site as I got lots of good info there when I set my box up.   One
problem I found so far has been JVM related when I had written some
JSP to run w/ Tomcat, the server dies after a while. This didn't
happen with xen 2.  Anyway here's a link you may find helpfull.


On 4/22/06, Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu <m3freak at rogers.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Has anyone set up Xen on an existing CentOS 4.3 system?  Does it work
> well, or is it better to wipe the system and start clean?  I haven't
> found a lot of information about this specifically.
> Secondly, I have found on the xen source website downloads for xen 3.02,
> which are meant for FC4 or RHEL (U1).  I'm tempted to try the RHEL
> downloads, but I don't have any spare machines to test on, so I'd have
> to do it to a live system (!).  Even though the xen download is for RHEL
> U1, will it work on RHEL U3/CentOS 4.3 machine?  Has anyone tried this?
> I'm anxious to consolidate three of my servers onto one under used
> machine because one of the three is going to suffer a HD failure soon
> (it's locking up every now and then, and I hear the HD making clicking
> noises!).
> Thanks in advance for any tips or comments.
> Regards,
> Ranbir
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