[SPAM] Re: [CentOS] dag repo and perl dependencies naming

Mon Apr 24 11:07:21 UTC 2006
sophana <sophana at zizi.ath.cx>

Ralph Angenendt wrote:

>So I don't think that this is a yum bug, this is a bug in RedHat's perl
>packaging, as you are not able to override modules which are included
>with the core perl package. And that hasn't change up to FC5.
I don't understand your point (I'm sorry being a perl ignorant)
dag's amavisd-new works fine in centos4 because the needed perl packages 
versions exist:
In this particular case, the needed perl packages simply do not exist in 
the centos 3 repositories.
In order to make amavis package version work in centos3, shouldn't these 
new perl packages be added in the repo?
What is the problem of doing that? (except that someone must do it...)