[CentOS] alsa 1.0.11 compile on 4.3

Wed Apr 26 13:18:18 UTC 2006
David Thompson <thomas at cs.wisc.edu>

Jerry Geis wrote:
>Here is the error I get compiling alsa-drivers.
>sorry I did not include that in my earlier post.
>/usr/src/alsa-driver-1.0.11/include/adriver.h:219: error: conflicting 
>types for 'gfp_t'
>include/linux/gfp.h:134: error: previous declaration of 'gfp_t' was here

There are two changes you need to make to get this to compile.  One is to 
comment out the gfp_t definition in the alsa code (include/adriver.h).

The other is to fix a typo of a r/w lock type in the system headers:

 DEFINE_RWLOCK(x)        rw_lock_t x = RW_LOCK_UNLOCKED

That needs to be "rwlock_t".  Then everything will compile nicely.

Dave Thompson