[CentOS] problem with "yum install libXmu.so.6"

Wed Apr 26 17:49:35 UTC 2006
Nat Gross <nat101l at gmail.com>

On 4/26/06, Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:
> Les Mikesell wrote:
> >
> > If it does want the 32-bit version it shouldn't hurt anything
> > to install it with:
> > yum  install xorg-x11-libs.i386
> > I needed that for VMware server recently and posted here about
> > a conflict with fontconfig from the 64-bit version.  I think
> > that's a bug but someone responded with a workaround:
> > rpm -e --justdb --nodeps fontconfig
> which is very very wrong, and if you really care about this, dont do it.
>  find the solution to the problem, rather than just using a hammer to
> break your system even more.
Now, that I did do that, how do I reverse it?