[SPAM] Re: [CentOS] dag repo and perl dependencies naming

Thu Apr 27 18:07:19 UTC 2006
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On Tue, 25 Apr 2006, Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-04-25 at 17:26, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>>>> We are looking into using a yum 2.4.x w/centos3 if possible

>>>> Please don't break the ability in Centos3 to
>>>> 'yum --download-only update'  followed by a later 'yum update'
>>>> to be able to more accurately schedule the time an update
>>>> and possible reboot will be completed.  That feature seems
>>>> to have disappeared in the newer versions.

>>> There is a yum-plugin called "yumdownloader" ... it is part up yum-
>>> utils.

>> it is a utility and not a plugin ... sorry ... here is how you can do
>> it:
>> 1. Edit /etc/yum.conf and set debuglevel=0
>> 2. Make sure you have yum-utils
>> 3. see if you have any updates:
>> yum check-update
>> 4. if you have updates, to download only:
>> yumdownloader `yum check-update | awk {'print $1'}`
> Thanks - after seeing your other message I was just
> about to point out that you have to tell it what
> to download and the whole point of using yum is that
> you don't have to know ahead of time...  Seems odd that
> it doesn't have a shorthand notation to do that by
> itself, though.

Also, yumdownloader doesn't allow "--enablerepo=" the way yum does.

I have "enabled=0" in all of my repos except for base and updates.  When I 
need something from Dag, I run "yum install foo --enablerepo=dag".  The 
only way to do this with yumdownloader is to edit /etc/yum.repos.d/*.

Having "-downloadonly" in yum is easier.

-David, offering his 2 cents worth