[CentOS] smux service (port 199)

Thu Apr 27 20:23:29 UTC 2006
Miskell, Craig <Craig.Miskell at agresearch.co.nz>


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> Hi,
> when I run a nmap localhost I see that port 199 is open for 
> the smux service but when I check the services gui in 
> runlevel 3 or 5 I don't find it. It's also not in /etc/init.d/ 
> At the moment almost everything is inactive except for  some 
> well known services like httpd crond etc. but mux is still there. 
> Does anyone know how to colse this service?
It's part of SNMP (multiplexer for sub-agents to connect to the master
agent I believ).  If you are on Centos3, you're out of luck - that
version of net-snmp cannot turn it off (you'll have to use iptables or
the like to block it).  If you're on Centos4, you can add the following
line to snmpd.conf:


And restart snmpd.  This doesn't close the port, but means that snmpd
only listens to it on localhost so it is inaccessible from other hosts
on the network.  Nmap on "localhost" will still show it up as open, but
from anywhere else on the network it won't.

Craig Miskell
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