[CentOS] Why? Because you are running a Circus

Fri Apr 28 11:20:46 UTC 2006
Mike Stankovic <mlists2006 at yahoo.com>

Why? Because you are running a Circus

I noticed the following from your repos :-

- You have enabled ATRPMS a bleeding edge repo known
to cause problems even in the fedora world. Talk to
the ATRPM people about your problems.
- Nobody uses dag repo by itself, they use rpmforge
(dag and dries and so on). In addition to that the new
rpmforge allows the use of mirrors rather than
hammering dag's resources. Don't abuse dag's
- You have enabled automatic yum updates so you cannot
keep track of changes or say yes or no.
- You are not using the yum plugins which protect base
from being overwritten by 3rd party repos. See the yum
docs updated recently by Johhny. A testing server of
mine has 280 packages protected by the yum plugins. No
guessing what will happen when you want to install
update 4 and you have hundreds of core files updated
in base.

See this recent post where someone has ATRPMS and
ATRPMS testing and comes complaining to us. He had not
even applied the 3.7 updates.

Improve the mailing list by performing a simple search 
before posting and reading the FAQ/etiquette. Protect the
integrity of your installation with the yum plugins.

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