[CentOS] Alert icon for yum

Fri Apr 28 20:38:23 UTC 2006
José Alburquerque <jaalburquerque at cox.net>

rado wrote:

>why not just set up a cronjob once a day/nite or something if you want
>to be on top of updates that close... just a little yum -y update thing
>as root
I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier, my monitor went out yesterday as I was 
replying and I couldn't finish the reply.  I just got a temporary 
replacement so here's my reply:  I don't think that's a good idea for my 
system because I'm using several repositories and want to be able to 
"supervise" the updates as they take place.  As I understand it the 
wrong updates could wreak havoc on a stable system and I'm trying to 
keep mine as stable as possible.

I think that Johnny's link is indeed exactly what I'm looking for.  
Guess I'll just have to wait till that project develops further.  In the 
mean time, it's really not that bad to use both up2date and yum at the 
same time.  I'll just make do for now.  Thanks!

Jose Alburquerque

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