[CentOS] wu-ftpd, proftpd, or vsftpd!

Sat Apr 29 18:04:52 UTC 2006
albi <albi at scii.nl>

John Pierce wrote:

> I have tried to configure an ftp server on one of my machines, I want
> to all authenticated users to be able to upload files to the apache
> web root /var/www/html.  This machine is behind a firewall/router and
> will not be exposed to the outside world.  I want to know if someone
> can point me to a good tutorial on setting up one of these servers, I
> have read the man pages and googled for possible configurations and I
> still have not been successfull.  I can log in as my normal user and
> see my home folder, but cannot upload to the web root.

try vsftp :

this page mentions a quick install (on whitebox linux) :

(i'm using vsftp on FreeBSD and i like it, it's a matter of getting the
config and permissions right)

grtjs, albi
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