[CentOS] Centos Based Fierwall Document

Fri Aug 4 17:02:42 UTC 2006
pctech at mybellybutton.com <pctech at mybellybutton.com>

>> Well, that's not the way it came across.
>And now you see how one misinterpretation fuels the fires of a flamewar.
>Hence, my advice - do not let your preconceived notions of how a
>community's minority might react color your participation in said 
>community. Obviously you want to participate and obviously you have
>somethign to share. That is the crux of Open Source. The "elitist" attitude
>is not as widely pervasive as people like to think, it's just the
>press and others grasp onto the minority of outspoken member of the 
>community and nobody writes about the droves of people who are 
>genuinely helpful.
>Plop your docs onto the CentOS wiki - and be prepared - you might get some
>criticism since it will be out in public. But, you also might receive some

Constructive criticism of the document I don't mind.  That's how I improve it.  Alot of the changes of the document came through constructive criticism and/or feedback.  Such as the "headless operation" portion of it.

In fact, the document recently went throguh a significant re-write due to my own criticism of the document when I built the firewall I will be deploying this weekend.  I found that the anti-virus solution broke something I was trying to accomplish, so I removed it until I can find a better solution.  I also added an additional "helpful script".  Just a bunch of things.

>And don't further fuel the negative press of our elitist community
>by being elitist yourself ;) Someone just stumbling on this list for the
>first time probably just got a huge bad first impression of you. Now's a
>good time to correct that impression.
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