[CentOS] LiveCD problem on IBM BladeCenter remote console ?

Fri Dec 1 05:00:55 UTC 2006
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

I've got a IBM BladeCenter with its integral TCPIP KVM and centos and 
stuff running on various blades, we use this mostly for software testing 
purposes in a small development group.

i wanted to boot the liveCD so I could try and recover some files from a 
totally screwed up system (disk got fsck'd beyond what I feel 
comfortable repairing)...    so I map an ISO image of the CentOS 4.4 
live CD on the virtual CD drive function of the blade chassis, and 
reboot my broken blade on it.  getting fatal errors from the boot that 
it can't find the CD drive.

screen capture with it crispy.

the regular CentOS Server CD was boot fine on these blades not long 
ago.   there -is- an oddness where sometimes the virtual CD shows up as 
a second SCSI CD drive to the target.