[CentOS] Re: [plug] Advise on RPM vs. Compiling source

Fri Dec 8 01:07:32 UTC 2006
Jun Salen <nokijun at yahoo.com>

Sorry if I missed that, by the way thanks to all who
reply. I already get the points of using Yum and will
uninstall the already installed postfix from the
source using checkinstall as advise from the other
lists and will use Yum instead. Thanks again.


Jun Salen wrote:
> Hi, 
> Need some advice on installing postfix in CentOS4.
> Which is better, installing by yum or rpm -i or by
> compiling from source code? What are the advantages
> and/or disadvantages of each. Thanks.

this issue has been covered a few times on the list, I
suggest you 
with a search through the achieves.

short answer: use yum ( which in turn uses rpm ).

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