[CentOS] bring back sub shells

Tue Dec 12 17:56:59 UTC 2006
Dustin Krysak <d.k.emaillists at gmail.com>

Good day, I have a centos 4.4 box (all yumed up).

Now i have a program that has a sub shell - meaning something like the
mysql command line, where once started it takes it's own commands, etc
and keeps running until a "quit" command is issued. Now what I was
wondering - is there a way to fork it to the background (something
like # command & or ctrl -z) and have the subshell keep running? And
also to be able to get back to the sub shell?

For example, if i do run it with the & at the end it does what I want,
yet obviously (to my knowledge) you can't get back to the subshell
without killing it and restarting it. I have looked into the "screen"
shell utility, which for the most part does what I needed, however
after a few days the session had disappeared and I was not able to get
back to it from another machine/ssh session.

Are there any other options?