[CentOS] recompiling LVM or move to GFS for MySQL?

Fri Dec 15 07:08:38 UTC 2006
Jed Reynolds <lists at benrey.is-a-geek.net>

I'm planning some new mysql database servers and I've had problems with 
LVM in the past with snapshots. I've had advice from someone from MySQL 
AB to try out GFS because it's snapshotting is supposed not to be 
broken. Looking at some of the GFS documentation on Redhat.com makes it 
look like GFS might be or might not be a simple replacement if I'm just 
mounting it locally, but I've never tried it out. On the other hand, 
I've seen posts saying that if I do something like a rpm rebuild of LVM 
and udev and somesuch LVM snapshotting should work.

I'd prefer to run a server configuration where I could do a scripted 
server build without having to install GCC and rebuild RPM packages when 
it came time to do a reinstall or create another replica server.

Is LVM snapshotting going to busted forever, and should I go for GFS 
locally mounted?