[CentOS] Desktop link to URL with port number fails in CentOS 4.4

Fri Dec 15 14:21:31 UTC 2006
Edward Diener <eldiener at tropicsoft.com>

If I create a desktop item which is a link to a URL with a port number, 
opening the desktop item fails. I can create the desktop item by 
dragging and dropping the URL from my web browser, firefox.

The desktop item, when I attempt to open it, brings up a message box 
with the title "Cancel Open?", a lightbulb icon, a message "Opening 
'myURL:myPort'. You can stop this operation by clicking cancel.", and a 
single Cancel button.

If I type directly into a terminal "firefox http://myURL:myPort/", 
firefox will correctly open that web page ( firefox is my preferred web 
browser ). So this is not a firefox problem but a Gnome desktop link 
problem evidently. Other URLs without a port number open correctly from 
a desktop link.

Is there a way to fix this ? It probably has something to do with 
interpreting the URL as a Mime type for Gnome, but I do not know how I 
can correct the behavior so that URLs with port numbers are correctly 
passed to my preferred web browser, firefox.