[CentOS] Diagnosing random hangs

Mon Dec 18 21:17:59 UTC 2006
Mark Belanger <mark_belanger at ltx.com>

I have many different centos machines that are hanging
regulary.  I believe this is due to something our application
is doing - not a centos specific problem.

When the machines hang, there is no access to the console
or remote access(ssh, rsh, etc).

Any tips on debugging this issue?  It is becoming quite a
show stopper as we migrate our product from Solaris to


FYI - The "application" is a collection of programs that
communicate with each other and to a large chip tester via
a proprietary serial bus.  The hangs are random but pretty
frequent - in the range of several per day to several per week.


Mark Belanger
LTX Corporation