[CentOS] Redhat 5 delayed until march, Centos april then?

Thu Dec 28 22:16:10 UTC 2006
Drew Weaver <drew.weaver at thenap.com>

    Hi, like (I'm guessing) alot of other folks, we were eager for the
new release of CentOS/RedHat to support some of the newer intel
technology (965 chipset mostly (ich8?)) I read today that Redhat 5 has
been delayed until March of 2007, which would presumably put the release
of CentOS 5 sometime in April.
Does the CentOS developer team have any intention of releasing (possibly
a new version of CentOS 4) which would allow us to use these new
Mainly the S5000 Server series and the 965 desktop series.
The article I am refering to is here for anyone interested:
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