[CentOS] UPS support on CentOS 4.4

Fri Dec 29 00:15:23 UTC 2006
Edward Diener <eldiener at tropicsoft.com>

I have an APC Back-UPS XS1500 powering my computer. It may be overkill 
for a single computer but it makes me feel secure.

Gnome power management will not install on CentOS 4.4 because of 
dependency problems.

I have installed the acpupsd daemon and this will protect me against 
power failure but the GUI interface to it, gapcmon, will not install due 
to dependency problems. I know that some will not consider a GUI 
interface important but I like to see what is happening if and when my 
A/C power gets disconnected and my computer is running on UPS battery 
power, and I like to be informed of this when I am online. Without 
gapcmon, or trying to hack my own program, this is not possible with 
CentOS 4.4, although as I said the apcupsd daemon will automatically and 
gracefully shut me down if my A/C power goes off and my UPS gets close 
to running out of backup battery power..

I realize that CentOS 4.4 is based on reliability, and not the latest 
and greatest software out there, but I am wondering what total UPS 
solution actually exists for it, or for RHEL4 which customers of the 
latter have used. I can live with apcupsd, and I realize that with an 
upcoming CentOS 5 there will probably be better compatibility, but I was 
wondering if there is any other total solution for the time being which 
anyone else has used. Thanks !