[CentOS] CentOS 4.5 and CentOS 5.0 News

Fri Dec 29 13:41:54 UTC 2006
Josh Donovan <josh.donovan at yahoo.co.uk>


I use CentOS as a firewall/proxy/webserver/fileserver
in my small network. As the small-spec machine with
CentOS is heavily loaded/used I can't afford downtime.
20 GB, pentium II with only 128 MB RAM.

However I want to know the news on 4.5 is it due soon?
Can I gain more by running CentOS 3.x range on such an
old machine like mine?

Will CentOS 5.0 mean you need a minimum of 512 RAM?
What is the latest on this?

Are there any addons for CentOS such as
squidguard/dansguardian etc? that can assist in
parental controls?

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