[CentOS] another iscsi question

Fri Dec 1 15:59:01 UTC 2006
Andrew Cotter <andrew.cotter at somersetcapital.com>

You want to share the array using both iSCSI and NFS?

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> I have an iscsi array that I'd like to mount and share using NFS and I
> need it to happen without user intervention on a reboot.  In the default
> configuration this doesn't seem to work very well because the iscsi
> intiator isn't started until after the network is up (obviously) and by
> that time all local filesystems are mounted.  I can't mount the
> partitions in rc.local because NFS has already started.
> Does a tidy way to handle this already exist, or do I need to do
> something like hack /etc/init.d/iscsi to mount and unmount iscsi
> partitions as necessary?
> James
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