[CentOS] I've been hacked -- what should I do next?

Fri Dec 1 19:37:43 UTC 2006
Joshua Zukerman <hawk82 at gmail.com>

Depends on the IP address.  If it came from an ISP here in the US
(assuming you are here in the US), then sure submit it to the proper
admins of those networks.  If the IP is outside of the US, then I
wouldn't bother as e-mailing an admin from another country is useless
unless you speak their language.

Then again, some ISPs are so flooded with abuse complaints, it might
not be worth it to you.

On 12/1/06, Alfred von Campe <alfred at 110.net> wrote:
> Thanks for all your suggestions.  I'll be trying them out over the
> weekend.  At first glance, it doesn't appear that they gained root
> access.
> Is there any sense in reporting this?  I have the IP addresses from
> which they logged in.
> Alfred
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