Tue Dec 5 19:39:11 UTC 2006
Bowie Bailey <Bowie_Bailey at BUC.com>

John R Pierce wrote:
> > Do you have a lot of experience with this VPN solution?  Is it rock
> > solid reliable?
> openVPN is by far the cleanest, easiest to setup and easiest to use
> VPN I've seen to date.  It can handle LAN to LAN tunnels, client to
> LAN, client to host, all sorts of combinations, its quite easy to
> setup the routing, etc etc.
> it uses a simple SSL socket as its transport, so its friendly with
> 'NAT' firewall/routers.
> there's a GUI client for windows, you can give that to someone, and
> give them a config file for it with prebuilt public keys, they
> install the GUI client, then drop the conf file into the right
> directory and they are online in seconds.

As an additional bonus, the GUI install, config file, and key files will all
fit on a floppy!

Not that floppies get all that much use these days, but I always hate to
burn a CD with only 1-2 MB of data...