[CentOS] recommends on CentOS + Via Epia CN10000EG

Wed Dec 6 06:19:51 UTC 2006
security <security at air-austral.com>

Jed Reynolds a écrit :
> I'm considering building a network gateway using a Via EpiaCN10000EG
> motherboard like seen here:
> http://www.logicsupply.com/product_info.php/cPath/79/products_id/444
> I've heard that this is a pretty recent mobo and drivers for it are in
> Ubuntu but that a 2.6.9.x CentOS kernel might have troubles with it.
> Anyone have any opinions on this mobo?
> Thanks
> jed

Take care of the cpu: some Via C3 are not real "i686" cpu: so your
"embedded Centos" will not boot.

VIA Nehemiah is a real i686 cpu (so, no problem): we use Gralinux AS 3
(like Centos 3.8) without any problem, Centos 4 should works too.
VIA Samuel 2 is a i586 (so you will have problems with it if your linux
distro is not full "i386/i586"): impossible to install the OS in it (because
of some i686 binaries in the Linux distro)