[CentOS] Strange issue with device-mapper lib in CentOS

Wed Dec 6 11:37:09 UTC 2006
Alexey Loukianov <aloukianov at lavtech.ru>

Greetings, Nick.

On 6 ??????? 2006 ?., 0:01:41 you wrote:

>>[ root at omega MegaMgr5.20]# rpm -V device-mapper
>>..5.....    /lib/libdevmapper.so.1.02

> Is that the only file consistently corrupted or are there others? 
> I've seen similar "mysteries" before that turned out to be a memory
> issue, once system memory, once CPU cache (that was really weird). 
> I'm not sure this is a memory problem, but wouldn't hurt to run a memory test.
It's the only consistency corruption, other files are left intact.
Gived it a chance to show troubles: left it last night with memtest86
running. Went smoothly without errors till morning. Now I'm
proceeding with a full reinstall, will look what will it give to me in
the end ;).

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