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Wed Dec 6 16:05:28 UTC 2006
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This IS a "holy war" kind of question!  :-)

Most people have strong opinions about this topic and tend to be very black and white about "this way is the best!".

In the real world, different things impress different employers. Some employers give a lot of credibility to certifications, some don't.

If you're trying to get a break into a certain niche, every little bit helps. The RCHE cert does require hands on effort, so it's not looked at as a "paper certification". Your IT background is pretty decent anyway, so it's not like you're really starting from scratch. Especially the Solaris and HP experience is relevant to administering Linux.

Btw, I got started with CentOS for the same reason as you. I wanted to pursue the RHCE and couldn't afford to fork out the cash for a Redhat license. (Are you listening Redhat? CentOS is bringing you business because it helps IT people get experience and eventually certification with your product!)


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From: "Nick Webb" <webbn at acm.org>
> Hi All,
> I'm pretty new to this list and to CentOS, so forgive me if this kind of
> thing is shunned.  I have really enjoyed following some threads on this list
> and learning what everyone out there is doing with the OS.  I actually got
> started on CentOS when researching how to study for the RHCE without forking
> out big cash for Red Hat licenses, a donation is coming soon.
> Anyway, I'm looking to do some part time Linux work (I'll work cheap,
> possibly free for a non-profit) and would like some suggestions on how
> others on the list have found odd job work.  My goal with this work is to
> get some resume building Linux experience, help me pass the RHCE exam, and
> ultimately begin doing contact work or move into a full-time Linux/Unix
> position.  I have two years experience administering HP-UX and Sun Solaris
> for a University, about 8 years total IT experience, and I've used Linux at
> home since 1998 or so; I just need some "real-world" Linux experience.  I
> feel confident I can accomplish just about any Linux project using my broad
> background of experience and learning a little along the way.
> The main problem I see is that I only have 10-15 hours per week to give
> this, as I have a full-time IT job as well, so flexibility on time of
> day/time of week of work is key.
> Thanks,
> Nick
> PS: Without starting a holy flame war, how do you all feel about the RHCE
> exam?  Other preferred exams?  I know exams mean very little in comparison
> to experience, but I feel without much "real world" experience on Linux it
> may be a good start at getting the first gig...

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