[CentOS] CentOS 4 and Intel D965 motherboards

Wed Dec 6 16:35:37 UTC 2006
David Thompson <thomas at cs.wisc.edu>

mike.redan at bell.ca wrote:
>Hmm..I have not used that hardware myself..but from the release notes,
>it looks like it is supported (with a work around):
>Support for the Intel I/O Controller Hub (ICH8) southbridge chipset is
>now available.
>If your system uses the ICH8 SATA controller and the BIOS is set to IDE
>mode for the controller, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Update 4 will not
>recognize the attached drives.
>To work around this issue, enable the ICH8 controller in AHCI mode from
>within the BIOS. Red Hat plans to fix this issue in future releases of
>Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
>For more information, please refer to Red Hat Knowledge Base at the
>following URL:

Thanks to all who have replied.

Yes, I was able to get SATA working by going to AHCI (my BIOS has the option).  However, for the DG965RYCK, as of kernel 2.6.9-42.0.3.EL, I will need to update the ethernet driver, the video driver (for X), and the sound driver(s).  And I have still not fully investigated any possible penalties from booting with pci=nommconf (without which I can't boot).  YMMV, as always.

At this point, I'm going to hold off and see what upstream gets included in 4.5.  The fact that fedora works makes me hopeful that the hardware support will work its way into the enterprise product.


Dave Thompson