[CentOS] 4.4/64-bit Supermicro/ Nvidia RAID [thanks]

Fri Dec 8 20:31:21 UTC 2006
Karl R. Balsmeier <karl at klxsystems.net>

Feizhou wrote:

>> disappointing, but it's true.  Supermicro verified what all of you 
>> said.  And since I'm not very interested in software RAID, i'll be 
>> dropping a hardware RAID card in and let my vendor know not to try 
>> and sell any more of these to those intending to use a Linux OS.
>> I'll try out your software RAID steps to give me something to play 
>> with till the hardware card shows up, since they are very clear and 
>> concise.  Maybe it'll soften the empty 'no hardware raid5' feeling 
>> one has at present.
> Hardware raid is not necessarily faster than software raid. If you are 
> going to do raid5...make sure your card has plenty of cache. However, 
> that may be moot anyway unless you use some filesystem other than 
> ext3...is it a 3ware card? 3ware + RAID5 + ext3 = slow.

Well, I had them ship me a 3ware 9550 card, and yes, am using ext3, 
-there's no onboard battery backup module, so the write cache is 
disabled.  So this would be slow then?  Am using this as a Java 
Development machine.

Any suggestions as to the filesystem type that would work best?  I'll 
order a battery backup unit so we can proceed and enable write cache.


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