[CentOS] BIND with ACLs

Tue Dec 12 02:36:17 UTC 2006
Robert Spangler <lazydog at zoominternet.net>

On Mon December 11 2006 19:22, Adriano Frare wrote:

>  I created um DNS server for network Internal and External same SERVER,
>  but the control by ACLs in named.conf don't work, when I active ACLs the
>  server don't resoluction external domain names.

First off are you running a caching server or will it serve a domain?  Then 
you need to clean up your named.conf file to make it easier to follow.  Place 
all the allow-* into the options section.  It doesn't look like you are 
denying anything.  Then delete the items you don't need i.e., if yo are not 
using ipv6 the don't load those zones.  I did not see any reverse zone for 
192.168.1 zone.  Also you do not need to load the local* zones.  This 
information your system gets from the /etc/hosts file.

I am willing to help if I know what you are looking and how you want the 
server to work.



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