[CentOS] Mail server, IMAP question

Tue Dec 12 03:03:27 UTC 2006
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

> I follow some howto's, and now I can send email from my domain.
> In this my local server I configured some virtual http server, using 
> Webmin and Virtualmin, and all works well.
> I use a dyndns.org free domain to make my server worldwide available, 
> and I have a BIND DNS server to spread the word...


> In this solution, I have an http server up and running, and email that I 
> send using a webmail client are all correctly delivered.
> Searching in maillog , I see many error like this:
> Dec 11 17:46:54 kines imap(nando at kines.dyndns.org): 
> opendir(/usr/libexec/dovecot/imap) failed: Not a directory

Looks like a misconfiguration somewhere. I love it when people follow 
howtos and don't tell us which ones when they come looking for help.

> "kines" is my domain (kines.dyndns.org), and this is my mail server, too
> So I can send email but there's no way to receive them.
> I tried to send me some email from different email accounts, but nothing 
> in my inbox...
> And I don't receive error from servers, so appear that email are 
> correctly delivered to my server...

Did you look at the logs to ensure that mails for local mailboxes were 
being delivered properly?

> There's a way to understand if is only a problem about wrong 
> configuration of mail boxes, testing if my server work well?
> And I want to know if I need to configure a MX record in my DNS server 
> and if I need to wait while my DNS server spread the new email alias 
> worldwide.

If your domain is kines.dyndns.org then you do not necessarily need a MX 
record. MTA's will lookup the A record of kines.dyndns.org if they do 
not find a MX record when attempting delivery.