[CentOS] 4.4/64-bit Supermicro/ Nvidia RAID [thanks]

Wed Dec 13 04:34:45 UTC 2006
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

>> Are you trying to say that the drivers provided by Promise, Highpoint 
>> and other cruft are on the same level as Linux's software raid code 
>> and therefore Linux's software raid driver sucks?
>> _______________________________________________
> No, I believe Bryan was saying it.  :)
> I've had pretty good luck with the Linux software RAID stuff in the 
> past, but these days a decent RAID controller is so cheap that it's just 
> easier to integrate and maintain that way (at least it is for me).  The 
> 3ware stuff just plain works.

that's true.

> Eeek, I've just invoked his name.  Prepare for a 30 page post on cpu 
> memory controller interconnects and how that is responsible for the fall 
> in bumblebee sperm counts across the globe.  :)