[CentOS] New VLC (0.8.6) packages?

Thu Dec 14 16:02:59 UTC 2006
chrism at imntv.com <chrism at imntv.com>

Tom Lichti wrote:
> chrism at imntv.com wrote:
>> Michael Watters wrote:
>>> chrism at imntv.com wrote:
>>>> Anyone know where I could find this package for Centos 4.4 x86_64?  
>>>> I've googled all over and haven't been able to find anything more 
>>>> current the 0.8.4a.
>>>> I'm not much of a programmer, but if someone could point me at a 
>>>> "packaging  for dummies" perhaps I could have a go at creating a 
>>>> package if one doesn't already exist?
>>> If you want to build your own the checkinstall program is great.  
>>> Just compile the source like your normally would and run 
>>> checkinstall instead of make install, it builds an RPM for you.
>> If I even get that far.  It seems to require a LOT of external libs 
>> for various video/audio codecs that are proving to be a PITA to track 
>> down and then get to play well together, especially if you've already 
>> got other tools like ffmpeg installed.  I guess now I know why the 
>> available versions in various repos are so stale.  :(
> Yep. I spent the better part of a day downloading, compiling, and 
> installing the various components. It did eventually work though. This 
> was with 0.8.5. I got all of the components from the VLC download, 
> since I figured using the same versions that the VLC team did should 
> save me further headaches.
> The whole reason I did this was because the 0.8.4 RPM version that 
> will install on Centos 4.4 does not work. It complains about 
> 'wxwidgets' missing. I found numerous posts from people with the same 
> problem, but no-one who managed to make it work.

Exactly.  It installs via YUM without a whimper and then segfaults if 
you try to run the binary.  I'll *try* to get 0.8.6 working, but I'm 
more of a digital plumber than a programmer....so I'm not terribly