[CentOS] Re: Dag mirror, yum and repomd.xml!

Thu Dec 14 20:04:01 UTC 2006
Philip R. Schaffner <Philip.R.Schaffner at nasa.gov>

On Thu, 2006-12-14 at 19:00 +0000, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> israel.garcia at cimex.com.cu wrote:
> > Hi:
> > I have a mirror of dag repository
> > (http://apt.sw.be/redhat/el4/en/i386/dag/) in my intranet which is used
> > by other servers to install/update rpms. I installed on every remote
> > server the rpmforge rpm, edit the /etc/yum.repos.d/rpmforge.repo to fit
> > with my intranet mirror, but when I run yum, I get this error:
> > 
> > #yum -c rpmforge.repo search nagios 

I don't think you want the -c flag as that seems to give an alternative
to /etc/yum.conf, while the .repo files live by default
in /etc/yum.repos.d
Try omitting the "-c rpmforge.repo" and just put the rpmforge.repo file
in the above directory.  If you do not want it enabled by default,
include the line "enabled=0" and use "yum --enable rpmforge <command>
<parameters>".  If that fails, post the .repo file for further opinions.
For my local repos, I tend to NFS mount the filesystem and use
"file:/..." syntax in the .repo files.  This avoids having yum copy the
RPMs to /var/cache/yum/<repo_name>/...

> > Warning, could not load sqlite, falling back to pickle

Have seen that (apparently non-fatal) message sometime in the past, but
not recently.  Is the system up to date?  Are you using the CentOS yum
and sqlite packages?

> > Repository rpmforge is listed more than once in the configuration

Perhaps because of the "-c".

> > Searching Packages:
> > Setting up repositories
> > //var/cache/yum/rpmforge/repomd.xml:1: parser error : Document is empty
> > 
> > ^
> > //var/cache/yum/rpmforge/repomd.xml:1: parser error : Start tag
> > expected, '<' not found
> > 
> > ^
> > rpmforge                                                           0 B
> > 00:00
> > ftp://repository.cimex.com.cu/dag/repodata/repomd.xml: [Errno -1] Error
> > importing repomd.xml for rpmforge: Error: could not parse file
> > //var/cache/yum/rpmforge/repomd.xml

May need to run "createrepo" on the "dag" directory.  Probably need to
"yum install createrepo" as it is not installed by default.

> > Trying other mirror.
> > Cannot open/read repomd.xml file for repository: rpmforge
> > failure: repodata/repomd.xml from rpmforge: [Errno 256] No more mirrors
> > to try.
> > Error: failure: repodata/repomd.xml from rpmforge: [Errno 256] No more
> > mirrors to try.
> > 
> > Am I missing some step? What's wrong with my configuration?
> > 
> > Regards;
> > Israel
> you have the wrong list, please take your question to 
> http://lists.rpmforge.net
> Lets try and maintain some list sanity guys!

Sorry Karanbir, but I beg to differ.  There seem to be some issues here
that have to do with using yum and local repos on CentOS that are not
RPMforge-specific.  OTOH, an answer might come from there, so I would
not discourage a post on that fine list if this does not help.