[CentOS] Tyan K8SRE troubles with CentOS 4.4 i386

Fri Dec 15 07:41:07 UTC 2006
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Dan Halbert wrote:
> We have been seeing failures with CentOS 4.4 i386 (not x86_64) running 
> compute-intensive programs on Tyan K8SRE (S2891) Tymotherboards...

I talked with a friend who's been using a lot of Thunder T8WE boards 
with dual opterons for structural engineering systems software, he says ...

    They are VERY PICKY about memory, I have learned.  Do *NOT*, I 
repeat, do *NOT* cheap out
    on your memory.

    I have hosed a perfectly good system that took almost a week of 
troubleshooting due to
    sh**ty memory corrupting the raid

    We now only buy memory that is certified for Supermicro and Tyan 
systems.  It doesn't
    cost a whole lot more then the cheap stuff.

memtest might not catch issues that are multiprocessor related.