[CentOS] Tyan K8SSA (corrected) troubles with CentOS 4.4 i386

Fri Dec 15 18:59:24 UTC 2006
chrism at imntv.com <chrism at imntv.com>

Feizhou wrote:
>> I had a really hard time with them when trying to troubleshoot issues 
>> with the 2895 board and the Highpoint Rocketraid 2224.  Highpoint 
>> would email me replies within the hour and returned a few phone 
>> calls.  Emails and phone calls to Tyan went unanswered for about 10 
>> days at which point I got an extremely unhelpful canned email 
>> response (install the latest firmware and try again).  I won't be 
>> buying any additional Tyan boards and sent all but 2 of that batch 
>> back (I'd deployed 2 as desktops while waiting for answers from Tyan 
>> and was too lazy to swap them out).
>> Back in the 1990-1998 era, I used lots and lots of Tyan tomcat boards 
>> and was happy with support.  So perhaps they are dropping (or have 
>> dropped) the ball.
> :(
> Where else can one go for solid, high I/O whitebox motherboards that 
> support AMD processors?
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The boards we've got in our newer servers are Supermicro H8DA8.


So far, I've been pretty happy with them.  They're all being used for 
storing lots of uncompressed video or fondling uncompressed video into 
H.264/mpeg4 streams.