[CentOS] bring back sub shells

Sat Dec 16 17:18:55 UTC 2006
Jed Reynolds <lists at benrey.is-a-geek.net>

Dustin Krysak wrote:
> On 12/12/06, mike.redan at bell.ca <mike.redan at bell.ca> wrote:
>> screen works pretty well, I have some screen sessions that are more than
>> month old. When you connect from antoher machine, what command do you
>> type? It should be:
>> screen -r -x
>> That forces a reconnect, even if someone else is already connected.

It took me about 10 years of using unix in general before I learned 
about screen and I sorely regret not having learning about it sooner. 
I've been using screen for about three years now and I just can't do 
without it.

I totally encourage everyone to learn screen. It's so very worth it.  I 
encourage you to google for "intitle:.screenrc" and find out how to turn 
on Nethack Mode in screen, next!