[CentOS] Slightly OT: DNS -force client always use authoritative

Mon Dec 18 20:40:55 UTC 2006
Matthew Martz <mdmartz at gflug.net>

> Is there a specific way to set a name server so that clients are always
> *forced* to use an autoritative name server?
> UltraDNS and some others have mentioned little features they have, but
> it only hints at the possibility that somewhere in the DNS spec.

Are you trying to make sure that the clients do not use cached lookups? 
If so you could use max-cache-ttl and max-ncache-ttl with a very low ttl
like 1 second.  Although then you still have a problem with the client
itself caching the lookup.

Matthew Martz
CentOS Mirror Admin
mdmartz at gflug.net