[CentOS] 64-bit Java?

Wed Dec 20 02:58:02 UTC 2006
brent at regrafix.com <brent at regrafix.com>

I think you are correct in needing 2 versions if I remember right in the
past I been  I been told that that 64bit verion only works for stuff
written for it. Since most stuff is written for 32bit you also need that
installed as well.

>> I was able to see it on the http://java.sun.com site:
>> It is labeled as:
>> jdk-6-linux-amd64-rpm.bin
>> It is further down on the list.
> note that you should install BOTH 32bit and 64bit java on the system.
> 32bit first, then 64bit.    I'm not quite sure why this is but its what
> we've had to do here to keep a wide range of software happy.     We're
> still using jdk 5.
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