[CentOS] Multimedia setup for LTSP

Wed Dec 20 09:42:28 UTC 2006
Jordi Espasa Clofent <jordi.listas at multivia.com>

Craig White escribió:
> ----
> I am much more familiar with 32 bit and would tend to lean towards
> Fedora Core 6 (or maybe wait for CentOS 5) for workstations wanting to
> run media content but it would seem that you would need to install a
> media player application like mplayer or vlc. I don't know of any group
> list for installing them.
> Anyway, this should somewhat work for (recalling from Fedora)...
> video
> yum install mplayer mplayerplug-in mplayer-skins mplayer-fonts
> audio
> yum install xmms xmms-mp3 xmms-aac xmms-skins
> lame probably works too.
When I try to execute

yum install mplayer mplayerplug-in

I get the next error and the installation process stop.

Transaction check error: package gtp+-1.2.10-33.centos4 (which is newer
than gtk+-1.2.10-33.centos.4) is already installed.


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