[CentOS] Merry Christmas ! and a tiny question

Mon Dec 25 14:30:52 UTC 2006
Kari Salovaara <kari.salovaara at pp1.inet.fi>

Daniel de Kok wrote:
> On Mon, December 25, 2006 11:43 am, Kari Salovaara wrote:
>> How I should proceed when,
>> - I want the latest stable version,
>> - want to get some optional packages
>> - want to be able to update these progs
>> - I want to be able to upgrade this machine to new Centos 4.5 and Centos
>> 5 in future
> Did you find this wiki item?:
> http://wiki.centos.org/PackageManagement/SourceInstalls

Yes I know, but that topic was actually not related into my question.
Maybe I should have been formulated the question; does anybody know 
reporsitory which I can use to get latest version of Gimp ?

> To wrap it up: it's a bad idea and unsupported. CentOS is a coherent and
> stable system, manually adding or replacing stuff sacrifices that. 

And that's why I use it (CentOS). And the same situation is with other 
distor too, ain't it so ?

> Besides
> that, why would you want to upgrade just because there is a newer version?

For this reason I want to answer that I want to use some modern plugins 
and below is short list of some other reasons. ;-)
And more has happened since 2.2.0. If You remember the exisiting version 
is 2.0.5 and soon Gimp will be at 2.3.0.

The GNU Image Manipulation Program Version 2.2

This is version 2.2 of The GIMP. Version 2.2 is an update on GIMP 2.0.
GIMP 2.2 is fully backward compatible to GIMP 2.0. Plug-ins and
scripts written for GIMP 2.0 will continue to work and don't need to
be changed nor recompiled to be used with GIMP 2.2.  We do however
hope that plug-in authors will update their plug-ins for GIMP 2.2 and
adapt the GUI changes we did with this version.

Please follow the installation instructions in INSTALL.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.2.0 (since 2.2-pre2 was released)

- More work on GFig plug-in.

- Build fixes for Win32 and IRIX.

- Added --no-splash command-line option for gimp-remote.

- More tweaks to the migration of user settings.

- Improved input controller modules, added ALSA support to the MIDI module.

- Allow to transform layers with masks.

- Let the histogram respect the selection.

- Added gimp_edit_copy_visible as a replacement for the "Copy Visible" 

- Improved color dithering routines.

- Lots of bug fixes and some optimizations.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.2-pre2

- More work on GFig (still more to come here).

- Improvements and fixes to the migration of user settings.

- Final touches to the new PDB APIs.

- Ported some more item factories to GtkUIManager.

- Added new PDB function gimp_layer_from_mask().

- User interface cleanup in IFS Fractal plug-in (former IfsCompose).

- Allow file plug-ins to provide a way to access an image thumbnail if
   the file format provides one or can be rendered at small sizes.

- Load and save EXIF thumbnails in JPEG files.

- Render in small resolution when creating a thumbnail for a
   Postscript or PDF document or from an SVG or WMF image file.

- Allow to import Photoshop (.act) palette files.

- Added a Print Size dialog to bring back missing functionality from 2.0.

- Several improvements to the GIMP Python bindins.

- Guard the core better against misbehaving scripts and plug-ins.

- Changed the way that Script-Fu scripts register their menus (in a
   backward compatible way).

- Added ALSA support for the MIDI controller module.

- Resurrected the glob plug-in.

- Lots of bug fixes and some optimizations.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.2-pre1

- Added more plug-in previews (Displace, Color To Alpha, Newsprint)
   and ported existing previews to the new widgets (Glass Tiles).

- Added preview to WMF loader plug-in.

- Added Retinex plug-in for color normalization.

- Added plug-in to load and save raw image data (_not_ the raw format
   used by some digital cameras)

- Added a GUI to configure controller modules.

- Let lots of core dialogs remember their last values and add
   shortcuts to run with the last values w/o opening the dialog.

- Added new PDB API for drawable tranformations.

- Register all libgimp enums to allow language bindings such as
   Script-Fu to access them using GType introspection.

- Improved how we attach user-visible strings to enums registered with
   the type system. Added API to access these strings to libgimpbase.

- Cleanups to the new GFig GUI (still work in progress).

- HIGification of the ImageMap plug-in.

- Cleaned up dialogs code.

- Added Auto Whitebalance menu item.

- Redid Scale and Resize dialogs.

- Added code to migrate user settings from ~/.gimp-2.0.

- lots of bug fixes.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.7

- Added even more plug-in previews (Value Propagate, Cubism, Colorify)
   and ported existing previews to the new widgets (AlienMap2, FlareFX,
   Jigsaw, NL Filter, Waves, Scatter HSV).

- More PDB API cleanups.

- Allow to specify the batch interpreter on the command-line.

- Improved selection-round script and moved it to the Select menu.

- Don't switch the active layer when using the Move tool.

- Updated libgimpthumb to support local thumbnails as introduced by
   version 0.7 of the thumbnail spec.

- Automatically create thumbnails from the Open dialog.

- Added entries next to most viewable buttons.

- Added a bunch of scripts to manipulate guides.

- Improved confirmation and warning dialogs.

- Lots of bug fixes.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.6

- Added more drawable previews (Color Exchange, DOG, Deinterlace,
   Engrave, Oilify, Ripple, Shift).

- Added new preview widget that shows a scaled view of the full
   drawable. Use it for Apply Lens, Blinds, Channel Mixer, Destripe,
   Emboss, Illusion, Map Color, Max RGB, Plasma, Polar, Solid Noise,
   Supernova, Whirl and Pinch.

- Added "Open as Layer" functionality to the menus.

- Implemented the recent-file-spec for shared storage of a list of
   recently used files (really URIs).

- Cleaned up plug-in procedure handling. Added the possibility to let
   plug-ins and scripts run using a private GimpContext.

- Added multi-line text entries for Script-Fu and Gimp-Python.

- Cleaned up PDB API for brushes, gradients, palettes and patterns.
   Deprecated lots of functions and added saner replacements. Added
   gimp-context-* PDB namespace with replacements for some of the
   deprecated stuff.

- Let GimpView handle pixbuf previews. Added a (themable) drop shadow
   to image-file previews.

- Cleaned up the dbbrowser and plugindetails code and GUI and factored
   out common code. Renamed both executables and menu entries.

- Made tools cancelable with <Escape>.

- Dim the outer (to be cropped) area when using the Crop tool.

- Let GimpDialog add a help button to give easier access to the help pages.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.5

- Ask the user to save the image when closing the last display.

- Restored compatibility of the wire protocol that was accidentally
   broken in 2.1.4.

- Added layer and mask actions to allow to create keybindings for them.

- Preview widget improvements:
    * let the preview expand with the plug-in dialog
    * added a navigation popup similar to the one in the image window
    * respect the selection and show how it will affect the filter
    * added API to draw to a GimpDrawablePreview from a GimpPixelRgn

- Added preview to more plug-ins: Cartoon, Apply Canvas, Photocopy,
   Motion Blur,

- Ported the Bumpmap plug-in preview to GimpDrawablePreview.

- Removed -u linker hacks from all Makefiles.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.4

- Rewritten internal handling of progress indicators. Embed progress
   bars to the File Open dialog to reduce annoying dialogs popping up.

- Added an API for plug-ins to embed a progress bar. Let the Script-Fu
   dialog swallow the progress bars created by running the script.

- Ported remaining plug-ins and modules to GimpPreviewArea and removed

- Show progress while converting from RGB to Indexed Colors.

- Added new plug-ins Cartoon, Neon, Photocopy and Softglow.

- Let color selectors adapt to the given size.

- Import basic SVG shapes as paths.

- Improved GIH and guillotine plug-ins.

- Added GimpMessageBox widget. Collect error messages in a single
   dialog to reduce popups.

- Renamed the core GimpPreview widget to GimpView.

- Added a GimpPreview widget to libgimpwidgets. This is an abstract
   class that combines a GimpPreviewArea with scrollbars and a "Preview"
   toggle button.

- Added GimpDrawablePreview derived from GimpPreview.

- Improved previews in Unsharp Mask, Scatter RGB, Sharpen, Spread and
   Grid plug-ins.

- Added previews to Edge, Gaussian Blur, Neon, Soft Glow, Sobel and
   Selective Gaussian Blur.

- Added a logarithmic mode for the slider in a GimpScaleEntry.

- Script-Fu code cleanups.

- Fixed composite assembly code.

- Pass user settings for the checkerboard to plug-ins.

- Image comment, if any, is now shown within the info window.

- New function "Fit Canvas to Layers" (gimp_image_resize_to_layers)

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.3

- Cleanups to the MMX code and the composite subsystem in general

- Cleanups and fixes to Gimpressionst plug-in (bug #148088)

- Redone light settings GUI for Lighting plug-in.

- Added keyboard shortcut editor to preferences dialog (bug #142922)

- Implemented the callbacks for the various "Clear saved foobar now"
   buttons in the preferences dialog.

- Added support for loading gradients from SVG files. This allows to
   share gradient definitions with Inkscape and Sodipodi (bug #148127)

- Added parsers for the various ways to define a color in SVG to

- Added GimpColorHexEntry widget to libgimpwidgets. It displays colors
   in hexadecimal represention and takes hex and SVG color names as input.

- Added GimpCellRendererColor and GimpCellRendererToggle to libgimpwidgets.

- Renamed GimpColor boxed type to GimpRGB and moved it to libgimpcolor.

- Moved GIMP_TYPE_UNIT and GIMP_TYPE_MEMSIZE to libgimpbase.

- Fixes to the BMP loader plug-in (bug #143682).

- Fixes to the Decompose plug-in (bug #147603).

- Added palette selector widgets to libgimpui.

- Allow to disable mnemonics in menus (bug #120034).

- Ported TWAIN plug-in to Mac OS X (bug #147962).

- Support motion event history as provided by some input device drivers.

- Let the undo system know more specifically what an undo step
   does. Use that info to keep tools active across modifications to
   the image that don't affect the tool (bug #109561).

- Changed default config for keyboard controller to allow scrolling
   the display using the cursor keys (#53988).

- Added GimpPreviewArea widget as replacement for the deprecated
   GtkPreview widget. Ported most plug-ins to the new widget.

- Added shapes for generated brushes and allow for softer brushes.

- Allow to specify the aspect ratio in the scale tool.

- Lots of bug fixes and other goodies. Check the ChangeLog for details.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.2

- Further improvements to the new input controllers; added a keyboard

- Show image preview in GFig plug-in, started a complete overhaul.

- Added Difference of Gaussians edge detection plug-in.

- Added more possibilities for drag'n'drop:
    * layers dialog accepts URI, color and pattern drops
    * path dialog takes and offers DND of SVG data

- Implemented PDB function gimp-path-get-point-at-dist.

- Allow to use the color picker to edit palettes (as in gimp-1.2).

- Improvements and code cleanup in gimpressionist plug-in.

- Allow to cut'n'paste image data between GIMP and other applications
   (for example Abiword) using the system clipboard.

- List unsaved images in Quit dialog.

- Completed core/gui separation. Optionally build a gimp-console
   application that behaves like 'gimp --no-interface' and doesn't link
   to GTK+ at all.

- Deprecated GimpPixmap and ported almost all users to GtkImage.

- Moved display projection code into a GimpProjection object. This means
   there's finally only a single projection per image.

- Introduced GimpPickable interface and implemented it for all core
   objects that you can pick colors from.

- Write smaller indexed MNG files.

- Fixed issues with the internal statusbar API.

- Allow for multiple light sources in the Lighting plug-in.

- Redone file type selection in file load/save dialogs.

- Removed HRZ plug-in.

- Improved developers documentation.

- Improved quality of antialiasing in the ellipse select tool.

- Lots of bug fixes and other goodies. Check the ChangeLog for details.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.1

- Added support for loading patterns in formats supported by GdkPixbuf
   (most notably PNG and JPEG).

- Use ARGB cursors when supported by the windowing system. Added nice
   new tool cursors.

- Added previews to Solid Noise and Unsharp Mask plug-ins.

- Improvements for painting with pressure-sensitive devices.

- Added preview for transform tools.

- Merged the Gaussian Blur plug-ins.

- Simplified the Blur plug-in.

- Reorganized the Preferences dialog.

- Dispatch Enter, Return, Backspace and Delete key events to the tools
   and use them where it makes sense.

- Some optimizations to the tile system, the gradient rendering and to
   the cubic interpolation routine.

- Show the brush outline while painting.

- Added an interface that allows to add controller modules. Such a module
   can dispatch events to The GIMP which are mapped to actions by a
   user-configurable mapping table.  Added controller modules for mouse
   wheel, midi and linux_input devices.

- Applied HIG capitalization style to all(?) dialogs.

- Lots of bug fixes and other goodies. Check the ChangeLog for details.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 2.1.0

GIMP 2.1.0 includes the following enhancements over GIMP 2.0:

  - Major user interface improvements.

    * Large parts of the GIMP user interface have been changed to
      comply better with the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines. This is
      an ongoing effort and the interface may still be inconsistent in
      a few places.

    * Users are now allowed to clear the undo history.

    * The unit to be used for the rulers and the coordinates display is now
      a display property and can be changed in the statusbar of the image

    * New widgets and frameworks provided by GTK+ 2.4 are used; this means

      + uses the new GtkFileChooser dialog, vastly improving the file
      + includes port of menus to GtkUIManager, which creates all core
        menus from XML files at runtime. This means that menu items can
        be rearranged by users simply by editing these files.
      + uses a global accelerator table in all docks and image windows.
        This means that a hotkey will do the same thing regardless of
        which dock or image window you are using.
      + adds replacement widgets based on GtkComboBox for most uses of
        GtkOptionMenu (GimpUnitMenu remains to be ported)
      + adds GimpContainerEntry, a GtkEntry with completion based on
        the contents of a GimpContainer.
      + makes the order and visibility of tools in the toolbox configurable
      + allows keeping toolbox and dock windows above other windows (if
        the WM supports this hint)

    * The toolbox now has an optional preview of the active image.

    * The image window now accepts file/uri drops.

  - More internal cleanup and refactoring of the core object model.

  - The brush rendering code has been separated from the generic paint
    tool code. The ink tool is now a paint tool (it can do straight
    lines) and the new infrastructure allows to implement new kinds of
    paint methods like vector based painting.

  - Gradients can now be created, deleted, renamed and edited through
    the PDB.

  - Some changes to plug-ins.

    * Plug-ins can now register the same procedures in multiple places (the
      API to register menu entries has been changed in a 

    * Plug-ins can now optionally register a menu icon.

    * File plug-ins can now register a mime-type.

    * All plug-in dialogs have been reviewed and changed to make them
      comply better with the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines.

    * All plug-ins that need to access files use the new GtkFileChooser

    * The obsolete AlienMap and GIcon plug-ins were removed.  AlienMap2
      does everything than AlienMap did, and the GIMP-specific GIcon format
      has not been used by anything for quite some time now.

    * A plug-in to load and save windows icon files has been added.

> The Gimp in CentOS 4.4 works well and stable (for me).

Same here.

> If you want the latest rather than stable software, it may be better to
> run Fedora.

Actually I'am runnig it in an other machine. But I need Gimp in this !

> With kind regards and a Merry Christmas,
> Daniel de Kok

Best regards,

Kari Salovaara
Hanko, Finland